Thursday, April 12, 2012

Red Heads Have More Fun?

If you have known me for any length of time you know I have a very bad judgement with hair decisions. I have been a blond, Gothic black, lesbian golfer, and even Marge Simpson. Needless to say it is best to ask for opinions first. I no longer trust myself.

Next Friday I am getting my hair colored and I am playing with the idea of going dark red. I think it could work because I am pale and have green eyes. My Mom and husband are not so sure of the idea. I believe my Mom said to me when I showed her the picture of Emma Stone was, "Just because you color your hair that color you won't look like her." Ouch Mom.

I just keep thinking it could look great and I should have done it forever ago OR it could look like hell and another bad hair decision to go in the books.

Please give me your opinions!!!

So clearly this is a awful picture of me but it is the most recent

These are some options I am thinking.... I like darker red than "orange red"


  1. I think your hair looks SOOOO pretty right now.....however, I feel like you have had redish highlights before and it's also looked good. I saw go for it!

  2. Thank you, Kitt! We will be taking a lot of pictures next weekend and I do not want to look like a hot mess.

  3. Tough call. I do think your color looks fab right now, but change is always fun! And I do think a dark red would look good on you. And Sophie told me to tell you red heads do have more fun! :)

  4. First of all, way to keep it real Lisa Vaughn. Seriously, she's hilarious. Second of all, I LOVE your long tresses. Love love. I think red would be great on you. Your hair girl surely won't lead you astray. I say DOOOOOO it!! (and then lets go to lunch so I can tell you how pretty it looks)...