Thursday, April 26, 2012

She Made It

Yesterday Charlie went to Mother's Day Out. As the two of us gals were driving there I had a knot in my stomach wondering what the day would hold. I am dreaming for the day Mother's Day Out is a true "Mother's Day Out".

I am extremely happy to report she had a very good day. Her teacher is seriously so amazing and texted me several pictures of her throughout the day. Isn't that so thoughtful? My knotting stomach slowly started untwisting as I received the pictures. She gets to go to tomorrow to school as well because a little girl will be absent. I am hoping being there twice in one week will keep the momentum up. The long term goal is to get her in permanently twice a week when enrollment opens again.

Pictures of the happy girl at school:

And she had to call her family and friends when she got home to tell them the good news:

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