Saturday, May 5, 2012

March of Dimes

This morning the White House went and walked for one of our favorite twin friends; Harper and Tatum Gaines. Their Mama, Megan, is one of my dear friends and their Dad, Zac, works with Josh so we are lucky to be very close with this family. Harper and Tatum were born 9 weeks premature just weighing over 3.5 pounds. March of Dimes is a wonderful organization and we were proud to be a part of it today and more proud to be representing the Gaines family.

Here are some pictures from today:

Me and my girl is in our matching outfits ready to do some walkin'

Campbell and Sophie preferred Dora from a distance

The Gaines were the ambassador family this year

Amanda and Charlotte

About to start the races

The Gaine's, Nevels', and The White's

Group Picture 


  1. thank you so much white family! so glad you guys could come walk with us! xoxo meg

  2. yay for those sweet miracle gaines babies you marched for... it means a lot to this premie momma that you support that cause :) love you!