Saturday, May 12, 2012

Party On

Last night my parents had a party and it had all the key ingredients to a great party: great company, great music, and great food. It really was too much fun. Although we were a bit sad the rain but a damper on the "outdoor" festivities nobody let that stop them from having a good time. I am already pushing for this to be annual Vaughn party.

Big Truck Taco 

The Band had to hide out under the patio to stay dry

This would be the great company I was talking about
After the party ended a group of us crazy kids went to Groovy's. We danced our hearts out to Whitney all night.

Thank you to Josh's AMAZING family for watching the bit all night so this Momma could get a night off. It is safe to say I took full advantage. 

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  1. sad i missed this soiree. my invite must've gotten lost in the mail? ;) and can we pleeeeease get some of those tacos when I'm in town next?!