Saturday, June 30, 2012

Chop Chop

I am sick of my hair, again... What is new, right? I love the color but hate the length. It is so long and thick!!! Yuck. 

There are several cardinal rules when you have a toddler when it comes to your locks:

- Must be able to pull back because your tot will pull it hard or it will be in your face all day
- Must be easy to fix (mine takes over an hour to straighten) 
- Must be able to use cute accessories like headbands for a quick fix 
- And most importantly you have to feel pretty with it. Let's face it, I am not in my prime anymore so I do not need a "Mom" haircut bringing me down anymore than I need to be. 

Here is my current length:

Sorry Kitt and Sarah for being my props
I will say it looks good when it is styled and Charlotte is nowhere in an arms reach.

I am considering a mid length bob. So boring, huh? I know. So overdone but what else is out there? I like these two hairstyles. What do you think?

My only hesitation with this is I am afraid of a puffy bob because of my thick hair and resembling a mushroom. Somewhat like this:

I have one puff and I don't need anything else puffy in my life. I like this as well if I wasn't ready to go as short as the ones above:

But I don't think it is my favorite. 

If I wanted to go big or go home I would go to one of my favorite lesbians; Portia De Rossi. I love her new do but this is way too extreme for me. Isn't it so darling?

I get my haircut this Tuesday when the bit is at school. I will update you guys with a picture then. Do you have any suggestions or should I not do it? Will I regret it? Hopefully it will not serve as your "not what to do" next time you get a cut. 

Until then! 

Yee Haw

Tonight was Charlie's first but not last rodeo. The Edmond Round Up club has a rodeo almost every weekend and tonight was the junior rodeo. It started at 8pm so we only really watched the kids warm up but that was enough to peak the interest of our girl. It was darling to see all the little kids on horses, cowboy hats, and boots. I sure hope I see Cowgirl Charlie in our future. Giddy up girl.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Never Again Grace Elizabeth

Parents will do just about anything


Charlotte's Pappou bought her the best toy to date; the pewi Ybike. I am not over exaggerating when I say she has not been off it since he bought it for her last week. She LOVES it. She rides inside and outside. My favorite is when she will get on it to ride to one toy to the next toy. If you have a tot from age 9 months to around Charlotte's age I highly recommend it. A great feature is your little one can use it as a walker or a bike, two for one.  Charlotte's Pappou got hers at the Learning Tree in Oklahoma City but you can find them online too.

Here is the company's website:

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Music Monday (Wednesday)

I forgot music Monday. I know you guys were devestated. You should have read all the hate mail I received. You can all thank Charlotte for solving the problem.

Artist: Charlotte White, Sesame Street, and Feist
Song: "1,2,3,4"

Saturday, June 23, 2012

We Have A Walker

Ladies and gents we have a walker!!! Yes, Charlotte Lillian White is 16 months and just learned how to walk Thursday evening. If you know her then you know she does everything at her own time. Let's just say she is much more vocal than physical; just like her Mom.

This is the first time she walked Thursday evening:

And this is her at the toy store today with her Pappou:

Happy trails to you, Charlotte!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Pop Phone

Tease all you want but my favorite souvenir from NYC is this Pop phone from Native Union. I dread talking on my IPhone. I end up hitting mute or hanging up on the caller and with this I can chitty chat to my hearts desire. If you talk more on your IPhone than your home phone this might be worth the buy.

You can find it here

Our NYC Trip

Josh and I got home from in NYC last night with sore feet and all. We had a fabulous time and here are some of our highlights from our trip:

- Meeting Gloria Vanderbilt
- Eating at Lady Gaga's restaurant and meeting her Dad (nobody loves Gaga more than this monster!)
- Shopping, shopping, and shopping but oddly enough didn't buy much
- Going to FAO Schwarz and buying Charlie some goodies
- Celebrity sightings: Ann Curry, Arsenio Hall (not sure if he counts for a celeb), and Al Pacino
- Spending time in one of my favorite cities with my favorite Uncles
- Getting spoiled by staying at Trump Towers

Here are a few pictures:

This is a picture Gloria Vanderbilt painted of Anderson Cooper when he was young. This is in her apartment that is also her art gallery.

Our view in our hotel room. Not too shabby...

The view from lunch 

Al Pacino at Joe Allens before we went and saw Spiderman. Spiderman was AWFUL! 

We were thankful to have some time to ourselves for a few days but we both agreed we enjoy our time as a family of three too much to plan another trip in a near future. I think we were almost just as excited to see our Charlotte as we were the first time we ever met her.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Music Monday

The time is here. We are off to the big apple. I seriously cannot believe I have several days of shopping, taking my time to eat, going to see Superman, staying at Trump Towers, and spending much needed QT with my hubs.

I will say I am already having true withdrawals from my mini me so this should be very interesting.

Song: "Empire State of Mind"
Artist: Jay Z feat Alicia Keys

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to the Dad's in my life!!! My Dad is at the lake so we will celebrate with him next weekend, I took my baby daddy to breakfast, and tonight we will celebrate Josh's Dad and Papa. What we would do with out these boys?

I wont toot Josh's horn too much because he doesn't even read my blog but he is truly the most amazing Dad. I remember some girlfriends warning me when I was pregnant that husbands wont take the initiative with the baby when it comes to their needs but in my head I thought Josh would be different. I never voiced it because I didn't want to make a liar of myself but I knew something was different about Josh and I was right. He is incredible.

Happy Father's Day to all my favorite Dads!!!

Our baby girl at breakfast. She looks so old, doesn't she?

Fun with Dad

Yay!!! Stacking the creamer can be so fun

Not too sure about the Mickey Mouse pancakes

Friday, June 15, 2012

Elmo Remains #1

Charlotte still has an immense love for her Elmo. She pulls out all of her animals until she finds her favorite red furry friend and gives him a big hug. 

She has also started "hiding" Elmo in Harold Eugene's rolls in hopes he will play back. He is yet to take the bait.

Thunder DOWN

Josh and I were pumped for yesterday. We had a date a flint's and tickets to see our Thunder. Could life get any better?

I dropped off the bit around 3:00pm to Josh's parents house and she was in a fantastic mood. Charlotte and Josh's parents wished me well and it was off to a night of fun I went. I met Josh downtown and he greeted me with bad news. He just got off the phone with his parents and they told him Charlotte just threw up. Ok, no worries yet... I lie but I wanted to pretend my life was still fabulous. We ate dinner and called again for an update. As I was talking to Charlotte's sweet Grandma I heard her throw up not once but twice! Seriously, tonight of all nights. What was wrong with last night when the both of us did nothing and were in bed by 9:30pm? So the decision had to be made: To go home or not to go home?

Josh literally gets father of the year and husband of the year because he let me stay at the game and go with my family as he went home. Thunder down. I know what you are saying to yourself; what kind of wife and mother stays at the game? Well I do. So buzz off.

This is me and my imaginary husband at the game. Kidding aside, I was worried the entire game and called and texted Josh the whole time. Charlotte continued to throw up every 30 minutes and sent her bad luck to the Thunder. Charlotte, Josh, Josh's parents, and the Thunder all lost last night. Thunder down.

I got home last night and was welcomed with reality fast. Charlotte was up with Josh and it took her about 3 minutes to throw up about 6 ounces of Pedialyte on my Thunder blue shirt. Thunder down.

I will leave you with positive news; downtown is so much fun and full of spirit. I hope you have the opportunity to go to a game or even to Thunder alley during this playoff series.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Plain Jane

I tend to always buy and wear the most basic pieces and never venture out. My Mom always encourages me to try new things, wear more daring styles, and believe it or not.. show more skin. I like my solid colors, jeans, and Tory Burch flops. Recently I saw the cutest "play suit" and I thought it would be perfect to dress up with a night out or a down for day with the bit. I did have reservations it would be too short but my Mom reassured me I was being too modest and go for it.

Here is the play suit:

Adorable right? It sure would be if you were not a Stretch Armstrong. Here she is folks:

Looks painful, huh?

I would show you the bum picture but I am afraid my blog would be reported for being inappropriate. Can't say this plain Jane didn't try.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Music Monday

This girl loves Lady Gaga. In fact, for my birthday several years ago my whole family took me and Charlotte (in my tum) to see her live. It was ah-mazing!!! I am dying for her to come back to town. I love almost all of Gaga's songs but I have some favorites and this is one of them.

Happy Monday and show me your teeth my Monster's!

Artist: Lady Gaga
Song: "Teeth"

New York State of Mind

A week from tomorrow the boo and I head to NYC for an early 30th birthday party for me. I am starting the process on what to pack.

I think shoes during the day are by far the hardest! We will be doing a ton of walking but I do not want to ruin a cute outfit with clunky tennis shoes. I ordered these new balance shoes and hoping they are a cute alternative to tennis shoes.

During the day I think I will wear these pants from JCrew. I think they will be cool, cute, and better than my normal jeans.

As for the evening I will wear a dress or the Minnie pants (above) with a cute top. My next big decision is what bag to take..... Can't be too big and has to go over the shoulder. Oh the decisions a girl must make before a trip. OR better yet, I should just get a new bag there. Happy Birthday to ME!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

My Bathing Beauty

Today I took Charlotte in the pool for really the second or third time ever. The first time was when she was four months old in Turks and Caicos and she wasn't a huge fan. Clearly.

I wasn't too sure how she would like it today but she seemed to enjoy it after several minutes. I need to get a good raft thing for her and some toys. I also hope to get her in the pool several times a week so before long she is begging me to go play in the pool.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Josh dropped my old sunglasses in the lake a few weeks ago so I had to get new ones. Hate that!!! My Mom and I went to balliets Thursday and I found some sunglasses that I loved but couldn't justify spending that much money. Luckily for me, balliets is having a promotion that could make my dream a reality.

Here is the promotion:

Surely this veteran Sequoyah Cougar basketball player can pull this off. NOPE!!!  I missed all three. That just pissed me off. These sunnies were in my reach if I could just get my non athletic butt to make a goal, or is it basket? Anywho.... I went back again today with a new tude'  and strategy.  And thank goodness I did because not only did I make it but I made two baskets so they counted my furthest basket at 50% off. 

Just call me Ashley "KD" White

My beautiful prize! 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Oakes is Home

I know many of my friends follow my friends nephew, Oakes, and always ask about is progress. It is with great sadness that I tell you he passed away yesterday. Please pray for his parents, big sister, family, and everyone else who was touched by this amazing little man. I think it goes without saying to hug our littles ones a little more often and thank God for our blessings.

Please read more here and maybe leave an encouraging note to the family:

Might Oakes

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Little Things

I have discovered a little scoop of heaven this week. I literally think of things to eat so I can use it. So far my favorites are banana nut muffins and cinnamon raisin English muffins. Do yourself and your family a favor and buy this immediately if you have an inner fat kid inside you as well. You can thank me with a delicious cinnamon sugar butter treat.

Is says "all natural" so it has to be kinda good for you, right?

Thunder UP Playdate

Stephanie and I NEEDED a playdate this hump day so in honor of the Thunder's massive game tonight we made it a Thunder Playdate. Thankfully our girlies are also Thunder fans so they didn't mind one bit to show their support.

The five of us are keeping our fingers and toes crossed for a HUGE, AWESOME, and AMAZING THUNDER WIN TONIGHT!!!

Summer School

Charlotte started summer school yesterday at Southern Hill's. Thank the good Lord and the amazing director she got in twice a week. The school and I are both confident with her going twice a week will help Charlotte adjust to being away from her best friend, me. Yesterday went really well and I think she is going to really enjoy her new teachers.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Music Monday

I picked this song for three reasons:

1. In October me and some girlfriends will put on our boots and go see her in concert. Can't wait!
2. I would kill Josh if he cheated on me like the woman did in this song. THE. END. 
3. And I want Carrie Underwood's legs oh so bad

Song: "Two Black Cadillacs"
Artist: Carrie Underwood

Friday, June 1, 2012


Just get us three a punch card at the doctors office. We have been three times in ONE Week.

I'll break it down:

Last Friday: 15 month check. Everything was totally fine and basically was just told Charlotte is still a big girl and healthy. (75% in height, 85% in weight, and 90% head, Big, bigger, and really big. )

This Wednesday: I took her to play group and she cried the whole time. I thought it was her teeth but it got progressively worse so around 5pm I took her to the after hours clinic to be told it was in fact just teething. Awesome waste of time and anxiety.

Today: Charlotte got a nasty stuffy/runny nose and cough yesterday and was up most of the night last night. I called the nurse and she thought we should come in to rule out an ear infection even though we were just seen Wednesday. What do you know..... EAR INFECTION and a hell of a cold. I guess her cold caused an ear infection. Whatev.

I swear I never knew kids got sick this much. Praying for a much more restful night for all of us.