Saturday, June 30, 2012

Chop Chop

I am sick of my hair, again... What is new, right? I love the color but hate the length. It is so long and thick!!! Yuck. 

There are several cardinal rules when you have a toddler when it comes to your locks:

- Must be able to pull back because your tot will pull it hard or it will be in your face all day
- Must be easy to fix (mine takes over an hour to straighten) 
- Must be able to use cute accessories like headbands for a quick fix 
- And most importantly you have to feel pretty with it. Let's face it, I am not in my prime anymore so I do not need a "Mom" haircut bringing me down anymore than I need to be. 

Here is my current length:

Sorry Kitt and Sarah for being my props
I will say it looks good when it is styled and Charlotte is nowhere in an arms reach.

I am considering a mid length bob. So boring, huh? I know. So overdone but what else is out there? I like these two hairstyles. What do you think?

My only hesitation with this is I am afraid of a puffy bob because of my thick hair and resembling a mushroom. Somewhat like this:

I have one puff and I don't need anything else puffy in my life. I like this as well if I wasn't ready to go as short as the ones above:

But I don't think it is my favorite. 

If I wanted to go big or go home I would go to one of my favorite lesbians; Portia De Rossi. I love her new do but this is way too extreme for me. Isn't it so darling?

I get my haircut this Tuesday when the bit is at school. I will update you guys with a picture then. Do you have any suggestions or should I not do it? Will I regret it? Hopefully it will not serve as your "not what to do" next time you get a cut. 

Until then! 

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  1. you are so funny! :)
    The only thing with doing it too short is that you cant put it back. Thats my only advise... i think your hair looks beautiful these days but i hear ya on not wanting to actually do it. Good luck.. cant wait to see a pic Tuesday.. better yet ill see ya at mothers day out with a fresh do!