Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to the Dad's in my life!!! My Dad is at the lake so we will celebrate with him next weekend, I took my baby daddy to breakfast, and tonight we will celebrate Josh's Dad and Papa. What we would do with out these boys?

I wont toot Josh's horn too much because he doesn't even read my blog but he is truly the most amazing Dad. I remember some girlfriends warning me when I was pregnant that husbands wont take the initiative with the baby when it comes to their needs but in my head I thought Josh would be different. I never voiced it because I didn't want to make a liar of myself but I knew something was different about Josh and I was right. He is incredible.

Happy Father's Day to all my favorite Dads!!!

Our baby girl at breakfast. She looks so old, doesn't she?

Fun with Dad

Yay!!! Stacking the creamer can be so fun

Not too sure about the Mickey Mouse pancakes

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