Friday, June 1, 2012


Just get us three a punch card at the doctors office. We have been three times in ONE Week.

I'll break it down:

Last Friday: 15 month check. Everything was totally fine and basically was just told Charlotte is still a big girl and healthy. (75% in height, 85% in weight, and 90% head, Big, bigger, and really big. )

This Wednesday: I took her to play group and she cried the whole time. I thought it was her teeth but it got progressively worse so around 5pm I took her to the after hours clinic to be told it was in fact just teething. Awesome waste of time and anxiety.

Today: Charlotte got a nasty stuffy/runny nose and cough yesterday and was up most of the night last night. I called the nurse and she thought we should come in to rule out an ear infection even though we were just seen Wednesday. What do you know..... EAR INFECTION and a hell of a cold. I guess her cold caused an ear infection. Whatev.

I swear I never knew kids got sick this much. Praying for a much more restful night for all of us.


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  1. Poor Charlotte! Hope she feels better soon! G has had a low grade fever since Wednesday - and we've been told it's just a cold and teething (I can feel a molar getting ready to pop through) - you're right, these little ones do get sick alot - hate it!!