Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Gymnastic Bound

Charlotte starts gymnastics the end of the month. It even makes me laugh typing that out. I cannot imagine the bit in gymnastics. I will of course keep you posted. When the gym called to tell me she got in a class they said leotards are not required but suggested. Ummmmm.... excuse me.... Suggested? I don't thinks so.

Today I went and bought Charlotte two of I am sure many leotards to come. I tried one of them on her tonight and she looks like a living doll. She also immediately felt the need to perform once in attire. I caught some of our favorite moves on tape.

A compliment goes so far with Charlotte. She is thanking Harold for the compliments on the get up.

Turns out Charlotte loves old school Gospel music and dancing in front of a fan. I guess she likes the hair blown look. 

Here are my two new favorite moves from Charlotte:


  1. Such a doll!! Go Charlotte go! :)

  2. Emily and I are watching these and cracking up. She is so cute. I like how she got down on the ground and kicked her leg out. :)