Monday, August 13, 2012

18 Months

Today Charlotte had her 18 month appointment and shots. Boy, I dread these days so much. Charlotte literally cries, or screams, from the moment we walk into the office until we are in the elevators leaving.  But I am so beyond thankful that we have such a healthy girl so I do my best not to complain.

Today's stats on the bit:

Weight: 27 lbs and 75% percentile
Height: 33 inches and 75% percentile
Head: Super big, 90% percentile

More Updates:

-Walking and running like crazy
- Dancing is still her favorite activity by far
- Says 18-20 words
- And our current favorite is her big fake laugh as she covers her mouth

To celebrate Charlotte we took her to the park this evening:

Do not let these pictures fool you. Although she looks darling and happy in the pictures she threw a 20 minute tantrum when we left the park. She was crying and screaming so loud I bet our neighbors thought we were abusing her. We are head deep in the tantrum stage and it was the first issue we talked to  the doctor about today. Her advice, "hang in there." Ummmm do we have any other options?

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