Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Barnes and Nobel Round 2

Stephanie and I constantly try to find new activities to do with our girls. This isn't always an easy task because nothing holds their attention long. This afternoon we went to a read along at Barnes and Nobel. It was so cute and the reader was entertaining in his own way but our girls were ready to move on after about 10 minutes. 

All of the well behaved kids were interested in the reading: 

Charlotte and Sophie not so interested so sweet Steph began her own book reading:

What do you know? That didn't last long either so off to the trains:

But at the end of the day our girls were way more interested in stuff animals than books:

Taking Abby to show her the train 

Two lovies hugging their friends

This picture makes me laugh out loud because it sums up our outings so well!
1. Charlotte: Bizarre
2. Sophie: Busy
3. Campbell: Sensitive
But like all of our crazy field trips it was worth it in the end:

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  1. I have to say.. i soooo miss playgroup... BUT i am so happy we didnt attempt this one with you all! oh i would have been a sh*t show with my two as well! :) love you gals and miss you like crazy!!!! xoxo meg