Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Busy/Fun Day

Today while the bit was at school my Mom and I went to the Oklahoma State Fair. Hollar!!! This has to be our favorite time of the year. My Mom loves it as much as me. We literally just go to eat and talk bad about people. In total we ate: a corn dog, a cheese on a stick, a turkey leg, chicken on a stick, fried twinkie, and a fried snickers. If someone invited me to the fair again this evening I would be there in a heartbeat.

You have to check this video out of a woman "testing out" an exercise equipment.

After I picked up Charlotte we headed home to meet our favorite trio; the Nevels clan. Sophie and Campbell got to jump on Charlotte's new trampoline. It was our typical crazy but fun get togethers.

 Time for the playroom... Poor Burke looks like another stuffed animal

And what sweet sweet friendships are already forming

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  1. soooooooo jealous that im missing the state fair.
    so. jealous.