Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Our Trip to the Emergency Room

One word to describe our day yesterday is traumatic. Let me explain, Charlotte was running and tripped to fall right into the corner of a wooden play table. I saw the whole thing happen and immediately I knew it was bad. I called the doctor and the nurse said as long as it wasn't gaping open and just a split head we should be "okay".

Here is the first shot of the injury:

So to me it look just like a nasty cut and we should be clear. Charlotte was in a great mood and was even trying to do somersaults after it happen so I knew it wasn't bothering her much. I smacked on a pretty bandaged on and thought we were good to go.

It wasn't until several hours later I pinned her down (yes, pinned) to clean the cut up that I knew we were in trouble. Josh called me as he was headed home from work and I said we have to go straight to our after hours clinic, Kids First Pediatrics.

Waiting at Kids First

Whelp.... bad news. Not only does our Bit need stitches they refused to see her because it was a head laceration. Off to the dreaded Emergency Room we went. It is about 6:30 and Charlotte's patience were gone. Not to mention I didn't pack dinner or milk.

Waiting for the ER Doc

This is when the true nightmare happens. They wrapped Charlotte up in a straight jacket thing that went form her neck to her toes then two nurses had to pin down her beautiful head. Charlotte was screaming so loud she began to dry heave. I was in a corner crying nearly has hard as she was. In fact, as I am writing this I am crying again to think about how awful it was. She would scream "bye bye" and "daddy" when she heard Josh's voice. After a FULL TWENTY MINUTES it was over.....

Our baby was so sweaty and scared by the time we left hours later. It was truly an awful night. As I hid in the corner I prayed for Charlotte and the parents that have to do these things often because their child is much more sick/hurt than Charlotte. It was weird to be grateful at that moment but I was.

Anyways, she will go back to the ER Saturday to have her stitches removed. I would sure appreciate prayers that the removal is much less traumatic for all three of us. I do not think we can take much more.

Here are two pictures from this morning:

What a trooper!


  1. :( Hate you had to go through this. Good thing she is one tough cookie...

  2. oh poor sweet baby! poor sweet momma too!!!