Friday, October 5, 2012

A Very Fall Friday

Today started off great; Josh was off work and the bit slept past 10am. Josh and I wanted to keep this momentum up by seizing the day. We loaded up and went to Pops, Parkhurst Pumpkin Patch, and then to Josh's land. Whew! What an afternoon.

Pops was first and Charlotte loved all the bright colors:

We headed to the pumpkin patch after getting our goodies. This is a GREAT pumpkin patch full of activities for the little one's. I am debating about getting a group of friends and kiddos to meet there soon one weekend. Let me know if you would want to do that.

Parkhurst Pumpkin Patch

Petting zoo:

They had several different mazes and this one was some sort of vine maze:

A fort type of playground:

Swing rope:

A darling spot where you can buy hotdogs or smores to roast:

Oddly enough there wasn't many pumpkins at this patch. I am wondering if you go on their hay ride if they take you to more pumpkins.

Looks like she found the right one

Of course, we always have time for Ashley's portrait studio:

All and all it was a fun activity to do with Charlotte. It is $8.00 per person and free for under 2 years old. To end the day we went to "the land" so Josh could put up his deer feeder. So mean, right?

Happy Friday to everyone and have a great chilly weekend! 


  1. Parkhurst is the best!!! We went to 2 other ones last year and it is by far the best. Cant wait to go!

  2. Please invite us next time! We went last year and would love to go back....Emma miss her Char!! And I miss you!