Sunday, October 21, 2012

Bratty Baby

Yup, my bratty baby is back and in full action. I know it is a phase and her two new teeth don't help but come on!!! I hear "no" more times than I can count during the day and she refuses to do just about anything she doesn't want to do.

Thursday we went to the Nevels' house after MDO and it was a crap show. It was time to leave but Charlie literally refused to get in the car. So I did what every good mother does. I left her on the porch. I drove around the block and hid where she couldn't see me.

It worked like a charm and I thought "I've got this". Well.... Charlie wanted to remind be that I don't "have this" at all.  She threw her dinner on the floor when we got home.  Lovely. My life is so glamorous.

This weekend has been a taddy bit better but I think it just because I have Josh home for back up. I really do my best not get worked up because I know it is such a waste of an emotion but she is really testing me these past few days.

After all of that said, how in the world can you stay mad at this gift from God?

Answer: You can't

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