Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Multiple Day + Charlotte at the Zoo

At the zoo today Charlotte was the only non-multiple and felt a little left out as always. Luckily the animals kept her entertained. It was the most perfect day to go to the zoo. It was in the low 70s and shady. The animals were all out and about and our girls (and Burke) loved it. I have to say it was the most successful field trip this group has had.

4 Moms and 9 kiddos

Charlie is loving the goats

Harper, Charlotte, and Tatum 

More kids than goats

Messy Camden

Checking out the sheeps

The chicken is freaked out about all the kids staring at her. Wouldn't you?

The best part of this picture is Steph freaking out in the back

 Burke is clueless 

"Would you get that thing out of my face, lady?"

Even Minnie is loving the birds

Always on the go

My darling animal lover

The Nevels gals

Charlotte: "Is there room for one more?"

Triple the cuteness


Such climbers 

Sweet friends 


Charlotte: "Don't turn your back to me when I am talking to you!"

I guess he wasn't enjoying the breeze like we were 

Love, love, love monkeys

6 piggies at the zoo

My girl

The Gaines' ladies 

Happy Halloween 

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  1. Zac will be offended when he read that you wrote "the hines ladies" our new last name is Gaines. :) xoxoxo had a blast with you all!!!!