Thursday, October 4, 2012

Our Harold Eugene

This post has taken me weeks to write because I was too emotional and it came from a sad place. Today as I write this it comes from a very happy place. Our Harold Eugene has a new Momma and a new home.

Many people know Josh and I struggled with the decision for months and we kept pretending we didn't have a problem. Harold is the SWEETEST dog in the world but he is a bull in a China shop. We had numerous instances where Harold would get spooked from a toy Charlie was playing with and run her over. He ran her over one evening so hard we had to call the doctor because we were afraid she had a concussion. The older she got the worse it got because he would take out her legs and knock her flat down.

At the end of the day, and as hard as it was, Charlotte's safety comes first. Harold's new Mom is a good friend of mine and I constantly get updates about him. He is spoiled rotten and probably would take off running if he saw us again. He gets to sleep in the bed every night, go on car rides, got new clothes, and most importantly gets the love he deserves.

I used to hear of stories when people would give their dogs away after the baby comes and I so judged them. I thought "how could they be so selfish?" Well... I was so wrong. You do not understand until you are in that position. I miss him daily but so thankful for his new home.

Harold with his beautiful new Mom

Cannot believe he gets to sleep in her bed

If Mom goes somewhere Harold goes too

Asleep in his new Thunder gear on his Momma

And if your worried about Chloe Lane; don't be! She keeps telling me "The bitch is back."

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