Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Disabled List

Chlo my low made the disabled list. Several weeks ago she starting limping but I thought she had a rough night of dancing. This is an injury I have been known to experience after a night of groovys so I thought she just needed some time. Unfortunately, the pain never went away so I took her in. I was shocked and a little tickled to hear Chloe tore her ACL. Chloe has never been known as an athlete but she has been known to drop it likes it hot.

Waiting for the diagnosis:

Chloe felt guilty that her surgery was going to cost $1,000 or more so she thought she would help her parents out. That night she took my empty coffee canister and hit the streets. When I see things like this from her I usually choose to ignore but with her being hurt I had to follow up.  She went up to the front of the neighborhood and began "dancing" for tips. I appreciated the thought but it was a bit pathetic to watch her dance with one good knee.

I made her come home after an hour and let her sleep in our bed:

The next morning on the big surgery day Chloe couldn't bear the thought she would be under the knife:

I am so happy to say she did just fine and has picked out her costume Halloween:



  1. I don't know where you come up with the things you do, but I couldn't love them more. Unreal. Hope Chlo my lo is back in the starting line up soon.

  2. ASHLEY! I am dying laughing. You are the funniest person I know!