Monday, November 5, 2012

Great Weekend

Some weekends come and go and you really cannot remember what you did or didn't do. I hate those weekends. This past weekend was not one of those weekends. It was full of family time, relaxing, and fun. I wish all of my weekends are like this but sadly they don't occur often enough.

 Thursday Josh and I celebrated our 4 year Anniversary. Woo hoo. It seems longer than 4 years. I guess because so much as happened in those four short years. Josh was amazing and took they day off to spend with me. We went to lunch at the Oklahoma City Country club, where we were married, and dinner at our favorite restaurant, Mahogany. Do you think we like food? Cheers to us!

Seriously, the most fun we have ever had
Friday it was off to the lake. Our true "happy place". There are moments in life you when you realize how blessed you really are and I had that at the lake. I was out on the dock reading a magazine, Josh was fishing, and my parents were inside with Charlotte. Can life get any better than that? Not for me.

My earthly heaven

Josh teaching Charlie how to fish

We fit right in at the Walmart in Vinita
Lastly on Sunday, we headed home to go to the Thunder game again with our bit. Charlotte is so darn funny because she is paralyzed the entire game. She takes in everything and loves clapping along with everyone else. Unfortunately, Charlotte had more fun than our Thunder boys because we left the game with a loss.

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