Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Years

This evening (NYE) me and the boo had a fun night planned to ring in the New Year with our Thunder boys. Charlotte had other plan for us. As you know, I took her to the doctors Wednesday to learn she had an ear infection in the left ear and the right ear is headed in that direction. She never seemed to fully recover and was bratty since then so Josh and I took her back to the doctors today. The diagnosis today was that her left ear looked good but her right ear is now infected. Geesh.

So I am currently in my jammies watching the Thunder game at home. Oh well, right?

Charlie was in her jams all day

Doesn't look how she feels thank goodness

We took her to PetsMart to cheer her up and it worked
"Hi Kitty"
 I honestly cannot wait to see what this year brings our family. It can't be much better than this year. Cheers!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Big Girl Room

As Charlie girls 2nd birthday is quickly approaching I begin to think of two scary tasks: potty training and moving her out of the crib. I am too scared to think of potty training now so I will just focus on the fun part of decorating a new room for our girl.  I know she wont care at all what it will look like but I sure do.

I am struggling with either to make the room "pretty and simple" vs. "fun and corky". Charlotte is more fun and corky so I am leaning towards that direction. I won't be doing anything too soon so I don't need to know now.

When I first think of kiddy rooms this is what pops into my head:

I actually saw one person on pinterest comment that they like the curtains. Really? Let's take a moment and all feel sorry for their child.

This is a more pretty and simple look like I was saying earlier:

Here is two options that aren't as foo foo but still girly:

As of now this is my favorite and what I will most likely shoot for as inspiration:

I love the color combo and how it is a bit eccentric.

What are your favorites???

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Dining Out

Josh and I always eat out. We have to because I can't even remember the last time I cooked. Whoops. Stay at home Mom fail. Anyways, we no longer eat at the places we like. We eat at the places that are truly kid friendly because Charlotte is the worst dinner guest. Yesterday we ate at Swadley's BBQ. Why? They have a yogurt machine and it worked as good as I thought it would. 

Waiting for lunch to come

She kept putting her entire face against the window screaming "it's snowing". Pass the windex please!
We ordered her mash potatoes and mac n' cheese.  She wouldn't either so pass the ice cream.

"Thanks for letting me eat ice cream for lunch Dada"

Friday, December 28, 2012

Camping CoCo

CoCo's new area of choice is Charlotte's tent she got for Christmas. At night she zips it up and I am too scared to unzip it and see what is happening in that tent.

Our Little Monkey

Charlotte was in a mood today and when I say "mood" it was a bad one. God has blessed me with a baby who loves to sleep just liker her Mom so when she doesn't I know something is up. This afternoon I put her down for her daily nap and she was pissed. I let her cry for about three minutes then I heard a loud crash. Charlotte Lillian threw her 30lbs butt over the crib. Thankfully no bones were broken but no nap was had either.

Here is our white trash fix until the big girl bed:

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas to ME

For years I have wanted a king bed more than I can put in words. This year I finally talked the boo into buying us one. Woo hoo. We have ordered the bed but unfortunately we still have a month to wait for it to get in. Currently our new KING bed is on our floor. Stay classy, right?

It has been fun looking at new beds and bedding. I cannot wait for it all to get in and come together.

Here is our new bed:

And this is the bedding I ordered last night:

Sweet dreams

Merry Christmas

I hope everyone had as wonderful Christmas as our family did. I love the holidays and sad they have already come and gone. I will say I think Christmas will just continue to get more fun as Charlotte gets older.

Christmas Eve morning we headed to Josh's Papa and Nanny's house for the White Family Christmas.

"Are all of these for meeeeeee?"

Charlotte with her cousin Emily

You can never go wrong with books 

My Christmas favs

Happy Birthday Jesus

After a great time there we headed to my parents for the Vaughn Family Christmas:

She is still scared of Bozo 

She got enough musical instruments to start a one man band

To end the two day celebration we had OUR Christmas for OUR girl Christmas morning:

Here are some of Charlotte's favorite new toys:

Ready for camping 

Endless entertainment 

The face says it all

New mocs' from Beanie and Pappou

I am already regretting the drums

Want some ice cream?
A great gift from Papa and Nanny

Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Cards

I am learning very fast that life with a toddler never turns out the way you want or expect. Charlotte is the boss and I am just living in her world. We are constantly in a power struggle with no real winner at the end of the day. Patience is key. Or at least I keep reminding myself that 900 times a day.

Last week I realized that Christmas is actually going to happen this year so I better get my fluffy butt in gear. I didn't have a picture of Charlotte for our Christmas cards so I got the perfect outfit and headed out to get my winning picture. Charlotte on the other hand had zero interest and set out to ruin my plan. Mission accomplished Charlotte. Mission accomplished.

Mugshot Charlotte

Bratty Charlotte

I see a plane Charlotte

Meditating Charlotte

Goofy Charlotte

Whelp, I guess Charlotte won this fight. My digits are crossed for a better outcome next year.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ok, I'm back

The last few weeks have been a hot mess. Charlotte was sick, Mom was sick, and Dad was sick. It took literally 2 weeks to get us back moving.

Thanksgiving was nice if you don't count Charlotte being sick and us in an after hours clinic. I of course happened to catch few pictures of our sick girl.

Yay! Daddy is home!!! (Little does she know he just killed a innocent deer)

Playing inside at the lake since it was too cold to play outside:

Our Thanksgiving photo shoot:

Deep thinking Chloe:

 And lets not forget crazy ass Ruff: