Sunday, December 30, 2012

Big Girl Room

As Charlie girls 2nd birthday is quickly approaching I begin to think of two scary tasks: potty training and moving her out of the crib. I am too scared to think of potty training now so I will just focus on the fun part of decorating a new room for our girl.  I know she wont care at all what it will look like but I sure do.

I am struggling with either to make the room "pretty and simple" vs. "fun and corky". Charlotte is more fun and corky so I am leaning towards that direction. I won't be doing anything too soon so I don't need to know now.

When I first think of kiddy rooms this is what pops into my head:

I actually saw one person on pinterest comment that they like the curtains. Really? Let's take a moment and all feel sorry for their child.

This is a more pretty and simple look like I was saying earlier:

Here is two options that aren't as foo foo but still girly:

As of now this is my favorite and what I will most likely shoot for as inspiration:

I love the color combo and how it is a bit eccentric.

What are your favorites???

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  1. The first pic FO SHO. I'm a little offended as I was planing on ordering this whole "bedroom in a box" set for the girls...