Friday, January 18, 2013

Field Trip Friday

This morning started off unusual because Charlie girl slept past 10am. I am thinking her ear infection is finally clearing up and she is catching up on her sleep. Who knows though, right? Today is so beautiful I wanted to seize the day with my best girl. Stephanie and Sara were headed to the Science Museum so we crashed their plans and met them there.

Stephanie and sweet sweet Burke

Sophie Kay playing house and chewing her gum

Timid Charlotte checking out the water table

Hi Campbell

Crew and Charlie with Sophie putting on makeup in the background

The gang

I'm bananas for this boy

Stephanie and I both think we should have this at our house

Showing off her gymnastic skills

Sara and Crew 
Charlotte tends to get really shy and back away when we are with a lot of kids but she has finally found a positive side to it:

Riding in Stephanie's huge stroller was more fun to her than anything else at the museum.

If you are claustrophobic then there is no way you could have survived this elevator ride. There was a total of 9 people ( 3 adults and 6 kids) on board.

Campbell is behind Charlotte

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Girls Night"ish"

All Moms know when your husband doesn't come home until later than normal it makes for a long day.  I swear single mothers deserve so much props. My boo and Stephanie's boo were both busy with work events last night so we made the best of it.

Dinner Time:

Cannon, Crew, Sophie, Campbell, and Charlie 

This pretty much sums up what Stephs house looks like at the end of the day. Poor thing!!!

Big girl Campbell Jane is potty trained and Charlie didn't like that fact she had on a diaper around her old friend

I can do it too
Lastly, we cleaned our dirty monkeys off

On a side note, I am so beyond blessed to have such wonderful friend like Stephanie and it is so fun watching our girls grow up together. 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Talking Animals

Talking animals have to be one of my Mom's favorite things in the whole wide world. I automatically thought of her after seeing this video and laughing my tush off. I hope it makes your day happy too!

Tiny Dancers

This morning Charlotte had her first ballet class with Tippi Toes. One of my dear friends, Lisa, is in the class too with her daughter Layla. It was nice to have a buddy in a class for once. We have A LOT of work to do with Charlotte following rules. It is a tough age because she is too young to totally get it but it was clear to me today she needs to get it a little more. With that being said, Charlotte had a fabulous time and looked darling doing it. We are both anxious for next weeks class.

This sums up our girl

Really... Is there anything cuter than babes in Ballet outfits?

Charlotte and Layla


And insert our problem here:

Do you see the problem?

If you don't see the problem this might illustrate it a better. As you can see in the first video the goal is to JUMP over the turtle. Charlotte missed the point in the first round but totally disregarded the point the second round. 

New ballet buds:

Friday, January 11, 2013

Chlo My Low Goes REALLY Low

You pick and choose your battles with Chlo my low. This evening I came across some "R" rated pictures on our computer of Chlo. This is a battle I am forced to fight.

And no, I am not going to ask her who took the pictures. I am not ready to hear the answer.

Zoo Day

Josh and I took Charlie girl to the zoo this morning. It was a bit chilly but fun was had nonetheless. 

Charlotte has always loved this bird exhibit 

She kept saying, "Hi bird"

A bird swooped in and landed on the bits shoulder; party over! 
Since it was chilly we opted to see the zoo via the train. It was my first time on the train ride and it was worth the money. It was a great way to see the zoo and you can get off at any time.

Baby Ballet

Tomorrow our sweet girl starts ballet.  Josh and I feel strongly about showing as much as we can to Charlotte so she will be well rounded and ready to try anything. There is no telling if she likes it but it is always worth a try. I will report back this weekend with pictures and the outcome.

Getting fitted for her first pair of ballet slippers

Are these not the cutest things you've ever seen?