Friday, January 18, 2013

Field Trip Friday

This morning started off unusual because Charlie girl slept past 10am. I am thinking her ear infection is finally clearing up and she is catching up on her sleep. Who knows though, right? Today is so beautiful I wanted to seize the day with my best girl. Stephanie and Sara were headed to the Science Museum so we crashed their plans and met them there.

Stephanie and sweet sweet Burke

Sophie Kay playing house and chewing her gum

Timid Charlotte checking out the water table

Hi Campbell

Crew and Charlie with Sophie putting on makeup in the background

The gang

I'm bananas for this boy

Stephanie and I both think we should have this at our house

Showing off her gymnastic skills

Sara and Crew 
Charlotte tends to get really shy and back away when we are with a lot of kids but she has finally found a positive side to it:

Riding in Stephanie's huge stroller was more fun to her than anything else at the museum.

If you are claustrophobic then there is no way you could have survived this elevator ride. There was a total of 9 people ( 3 adults and 6 kids) on board.

Campbell is behind Charlotte

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