Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Life Goes On

When making medical appointments or any other appointments for that matter is difficult when you are a stay at home Mom. Yes, that is what Mother Day Out days are for but it is difficult sometimes for people to find an opening in that window.

This morning at 10am and my lady doctor calls. They inform that they need to reschedule my appointment tomorrow and the soonest they can get me in is 6 weeks from now.  The receptionist did say if I could be there in 45 minutes they could squeeze me in.

Off the TWO of us go to my lady doc. After all, Charlotte has met him before so it only seemed right to have a more formal meeting. Having your annual is the worst thing in the world and when you add a 2 year old and it makes it even worse.

Charlotte was so scared and traumatized what she was seeing she didn't move a muscle. Every few minutes she would just say "mama".

I needed to erase everything from her memory so I took her to one of the few places that will do that for my girl; Krispy Kreme. It worked like a charm. 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

In Love

At the most random times I will look at Charlotte and totally fall head over heals in love with her all over again. Right now we are sitting outside and Charlotte is playing in her sandbox. She is so happy and talking to herself as if life makes total sense to her. As I am watching her I am in awe I get to have her.

Thank you, Lord.

My Big Girl Bed

If your remember I blogged about my Christmas present to myself in this post several months ago. We upgraded from a tiny queen bed to a spacious king sized bed. The issue with going from a queen to king is all the stuff you have to buy to make it complete. After a new bed, new mattress, new bedding, new sheets, and pillows it is done. Josh and I both sleep so much better and look prettier doing it.

I am really happy how the new bed and bedding all came together. It is so scary ordering this stuff without seeing it together. Clearly next on the list is new lamps and at some point new night stands. One thing at a time I hear too much from the boo's mouth.

What do you think?

2 Year Old Check Up

We took our girl to her big 2 year old check up Friday. Everything was looking good and for the first time I heard the words "her ears look perfect". Can you say that again? I am so happy we went ahead and got her tubes. Her next check up isn't until she is 3 but we all know we will be there much sooner than that.

Head: 16 inches, 75% percentile
Weight: 28 pounds, 70% percentile
Height: 35.5 inches, 90% percentile

Her pediatrician estimated that if she stays on the same growth pattern she will be at least 5'8. I guess she is following in her Mom's big footsteps.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Birthday Party

Charlotte had her birthday party on Saturday. It turned out great. It was low key and easy. Two of my favorite things and combined it is a win win. I am so grateful for all of our great family and friends who gave us their Saturday evening. Josh and I felt so good when we left the party because we saw so much love for our girl in that room.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Two Way Too Soon

Our girl turned two today. It seems so foreign to me that I have a two year old. When Charlotte turned one I wasn't emotional but this birthday is totally different. My heart is broken. I now look at Charlotte as a little girl and not a baby. I miss my baby. Clearly your baby growing up is just part of the territory so I will embrace it at as much as I can.

The past few days has been a whirlwind of celebrations and it isn't stopping yet. Sunday we headed to my parents house for a Vaughn birthday celebration. We opened presents, ate Teds, and had too many cupcakes.

Happy Birthday Girl

See what I mean? No longer a baby. 

Yes, please

And today for her actual birthday was a constant celebration. She had confetti pancakes, a birthday party at school, played in the snow for the first time, and then opened more presents. The bit is going to be very disappointed tomorrow when we don't have a nonstop party for her. 

Birthday Pancakes

Cookie Party at School

Her happy place

The best birthday present

Yes, that is a potty for her birthday

Putting on her makeup



This Saturday we have a small party for her at Gymboree, pictures to follow. 

God Bless America

Josh snapped the most darling pictures of Charlotte this past Thunder game. Josh showed Charlotte how to hold her hand over her heart during the National Anthem. Our sweet girl kept her hand their the whole game.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

We're Back

After Charlotte and I being stuck in the house for a solid 8 days life finally got back to normal today. The two of us were suffering from cabin fever that wasn't healthy for either one of us. I was so thankful when I dropped the bit off at MDO and Charlotte practically ran from me at school. The feeling was mutual.

Headed to school

Running away from me

When I picked the bit up from school we headed to our twin friends house for some Valentine's Day crafting. It is always interesting to see how unsuccessful our crafting turns out with the kids but we try nonetheless.

Sophie and Campbell

Charlie Girl

Such a patient Momma
Charlotte has a love for baby Burke just like I do. When they were sitting next to each other Charlotte kept waving and saying "hi baby".

I also love this picture of Charlotte and Campbell. Look what little ladies they are with their legs crossed. Such sweet friends.

As I've mention before she has a strange interest in Campbell using the potty and wearing panties. Today was no different. She kept "using" the potty and Steph let her wear big girl panties. Charlotte loved them so much when we came home she took her diaper off again and asked for "pans".

That is paint on her chest not a nasty rash
Today was a success! We stayed clear from our house until the very last minute.