Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Life Goes On

When making medical appointments or any other appointments for that matter is difficult when you are a stay at home Mom. Yes, that is what Mother Day Out days are for but it is difficult sometimes for people to find an opening in that window.

This morning at 10am and my lady doctor calls. They inform that they need to reschedule my appointment tomorrow and the soonest they can get me in is 6 weeks from now.  The receptionist did say if I could be there in 45 minutes they could squeeze me in.

Off the TWO of us go to my lady doc. After all, Charlotte has met him before so it only seemed right to have a more formal meeting. Having your annual is the worst thing in the world and when you add a 2 year old and it makes it even worse.

Charlotte was so scared and traumatized what she was seeing she didn't move a muscle. Every few minutes she would just say "mama".

I needed to erase everything from her memory so I took her to one of the few places that will do that for my girl; Krispy Kreme. It worked like a charm. 

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