Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Two Way Too Soon

Our girl turned two today. It seems so foreign to me that I have a two year old. When Charlotte turned one I wasn't emotional but this birthday is totally different. My heart is broken. I now look at Charlotte as a little girl and not a baby. I miss my baby. Clearly your baby growing up is just part of the territory so I will embrace it at as much as I can.

The past few days has been a whirlwind of celebrations and it isn't stopping yet. Sunday we headed to my parents house for a Vaughn birthday celebration. We opened presents, ate Teds, and had too many cupcakes.

Happy Birthday Girl

See what I mean? No longer a baby. 

Yes, please

And today for her actual birthday was a constant celebration. She had confetti pancakes, a birthday party at school, played in the snow for the first time, and then opened more presents. The bit is going to be very disappointed tomorrow when we don't have a nonstop party for her. 

Birthday Pancakes

Cookie Party at School

Her happy place

The best birthday present

Yes, that is a potty for her birthday

Putting on her makeup



This Saturday we have a small party for her at Gymboree, pictures to follow. 

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  1. Ash - what a blessing that sweet Charlie Girl is! I cannot believe she is two!!! She is beautiful and I love her so much. Happy Birthday, Charlotte - from your far-away Auntie Mags :)