Thursday, February 7, 2013

We're Back

After Charlotte and I being stuck in the house for a solid 8 days life finally got back to normal today. The two of us were suffering from cabin fever that wasn't healthy for either one of us. I was so thankful when I dropped the bit off at MDO and Charlotte practically ran from me at school. The feeling was mutual.

Headed to school

Running away from me

When I picked the bit up from school we headed to our twin friends house for some Valentine's Day crafting. It is always interesting to see how unsuccessful our crafting turns out with the kids but we try nonetheless.

Sophie and Campbell

Charlie Girl

Such a patient Momma
Charlotte has a love for baby Burke just like I do. When they were sitting next to each other Charlotte kept waving and saying "hi baby".

I also love this picture of Charlotte and Campbell. Look what little ladies they are with their legs crossed. Such sweet friends.

As I've mention before she has a strange interest in Campbell using the potty and wearing panties. Today was no different. She kept "using" the potty and Steph let her wear big girl panties. Charlotte loved them so much when we came home she took her diaper off again and asked for "pans".

That is paint on her chest not a nasty rash
Today was a success! We stayed clear from our house until the very last minute.

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