Thursday, March 28, 2013

Chloe Turns 10

Today is Chloe's tenth birthday. I seriously cannot believe I have had this dog for 10 years.  I was in college the day I bought her and had to hide her from my Dad and the apartment complex I lived in. I failed at both but it was totally worth the risk. It is funny to think about all the life events the two of us have gone through together. For a long time it was just Chloe and I and although I know that is how she prefers it she has welcomed Josh and Charlotte into her our world.

As always Chloe makes a birthday wish list and gives it to us the night before the big day.

Here 10th Birthday Wish List:

1. Peace sign mood ring
2. Burberry earmuffs 
3. Neon green skip it
4. Pink razor flip phone
5. Egyptian cotton sheets
6. Crotchless panties
7. Walky Talkies
8. Jose Cuervo margaritas
9. Hello Kitty lunchbox
10. Gucci socks 

Chloe with Cousin Ruff

Us at the lake

Poor Chloe

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Charlotte just turned two and we are in the midst of toddlerhood. I will say this age has been the toughest, most exhausting, and weirdly enough the most rewarding.  Most of the days I will count the hours to bedtime so I can just sit. The other day I put her to bed and I just sat for a full hour in silence. I didn't read or play on the computer; I sat in silence. It is exactly what my mind and body needed.

It has been a lose/lose lately. We lose when we stay at home all day and we lose when we head out for the day. At home, every activity that ends a new tantrum begins.  Then when we go to our go to places (Barnes and Nobel, the park, the mall) she has the most horrendous fits in public. I mean on a a new level. I am scared to stay home and more scared to leave home.

I feel like I am failing on a daily basis and for a perfectionist that is a tough pill to swallow. I want to wave my white flag in defeat and tell my two year old she won. But as I am waiving that flag I look at her. I mean really look at her. Everyday I get to witness her explore the world and become her own little person. How amazing is that? What a gift I have been given.

So I am learning toddlers are just plain hard. They are mean, they break stuff, they are messy, they test your patience, they have no boundaries, and most importantly they have no boundaries with love. They love so great they do not know how to process it. My most amazing moments in life have been when out of the blue Charlotte will hold my hand or plant a big wet kiss on me. That is love. I know God gives me these moments to reassure me and encourage me to keep trying.

I will keep reminding myself I can do this and I can do this with grace. It is a season and I will embrace it has much as I can. So cheers, with the best champagne money can buy, to all the other Mom's with toddlers.

Pass The Tea Please

Charlotte had her first official tea party today with Sophie, Campbell, and Layla. We met at Inspirations Tea room for lunch and tea. The girls totally ate it up and I am excited to take Charlotte back.

Please excuse all the pictures. They were just so darn cute I couldn't help it.

Tea Time

First cup of tea

Charlie and Layla with their Princess Tray

Mom and Sophie

Pretty Layla Ruth

 The girls had just as much fun outside playing as they did inside. Are they not darling?

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sesame Street Live

It is that time of year again when the Sesame Street crew rolls into OKC. Charlotte loved it last year so we had high hopes that she would love it as much this year. We met the Freeman family there and it was so nice to have adults to talk to.

Our sweet girls loving the show:

Hi Elmo:

Kaylan and the girls during intermission:

Both of our girls loved the show and I have a feeling we will all be back next year. Oh the things you do for your kids.

Spring Break

Spring Break is the week dreaded by all stay at home Moms. It means no mother day out days and no more empty gyms, Barnes and Nobel, and parks. Instead these places, that become our second home, turn into a crazy mess of kids. I am only half way through the week and I feel like it is Sunday.

Today we headed to Kaylan's house for a lunch playdate. It was fun, crazy, and exhausting all at the same time. Thank you to the Freeman gals for having us over.

Just missing a Gaines Girl

Sweet Burke

Pizza Time

The picture on the bottom was taken about 17 months ago of our girls. It makes my gut hurt thinking how fast they are growing.