Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Weekend In Review

Our trip to the lake was exactly what this family needed. We fished, played outside, went to an Alpaca farm, and strolled in the boat. Charlie is turning into a lake baby the more and more we go. She really loves to "fish" and watch all the boats drive by. I cannot wait to go back already!

Also a really fun and exciting thing happened!  Thursday as we drove through Tulsa we stopped at the place Josh bought my wedding ring to get it looked because a few of the pave' diamonds have loosened. As any girl would do I started looking at other rings. I fell in love with a ring totally different than the one I have now. Yes, my ring is awesome but can't a girl dream? Long story short is I GOT A NEW WEDDING RING! I still kept my wedding bands but have a new "engagement ring". Josh is pretty darn good to me and I love to be a girl!

New ring on the left and old ring on the right
(the blue dots are where they are tightening my diamonds"

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