Tuesday, May 28, 2013

More Changes Coming Our Way

If moving wasn't enough we are adding a NEW BABY to the mix. That's right I am pregnant. I am 10 weeks pregnant and feeling good for the most part. Our due date is Christmas Eve. I mean could you think of a worse due date and birthday for the future White? I will make the best of it and think of the positives but lets be clear: spending Christmas in the hospital is the last place on earth I'd like to be.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

We're Moving

Life has a bit nutty around the White House and honestly the last thing I wanted to do was write a blog.  Things haven't slowed down around here but I am going to do my best to catch up on things. One big event happening around here is we listed and sold our house. It took about 5 weeks but it is done! We have found a great house in a neighborhood Josh and I have always loved in Oklahoma City. We close and move on June 14th. Now let the real craziness of packing and moving begin.