Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Potty Trained For Now

This past weekend I tackled the awful task of potty training. To be honest Charlie was ready way before me. I have no problems with diapers and so I dragged my feet to change our routine. We started Friday and it was awful. She peed on the floor about a dozen times and after every time she would get super excited and ask for a sucker. After encouragement from Stephanie to try it again Saturday I mustered up the courage. I am so glad she told me that because it just clicked with her that day. Since Saturday we have had very minimal accidents and have even ventured out in public.

I am not naive and I know she will go through a phase were panties aren't cute but for now it is working.

Picking out panties (Minnie Mouse won)

Zero clothes on Friday 

Helping paint her big girl bed

She refused to let me help her pull up her panties so this was the outcome

And demanded her Chloe purse and sunnies to potty

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