Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Party for your Head

I wear my hair in a lazy ponytail nearly every single day. It becomes sloppy looking but when it is this hot outside I am not going to have my thick hair making me hotter. But lets be honest, I wont do my hair this winter either. I have been on a massive search to find a way to spruce up my hair and Anthropolgie was the answer. I literally couldn't have purchased on of each but these are the ones I got and love.

These headbands are wired and they twist around your head. It is a bit hard to explain but you just wrap it around your head and knot it up top:

These are turban style headbands:

So if you are in search of fun hair accessories you should check out Anthropologie.


  1. Can I see a photo of one of these on your head?? Pretty please??

  2. I love these! I wrap them around my ponytails and messy buns!