Friday, November 15, 2013

Sick Season

I hate to even write "sick season". I cannot believe it is here but it is. Charlotte has croup. Last Sunday she started with the cold and Wednesday we were in full sick mode. We have not gone to Bible study or Mother's Day out and the two of us are going crazy. When Charlotte is taken out of her weekly routines her toddler brain cannot handle it. She acts like a high school kid on Spring Break. She is out of control, bratty, doesn't listen to her parents, and all around no fun to be around. Sorry Charlie but it is true. This week me and my huge body have done everything I could to keep us from both running away. I succeeded half way but cannot wait for next week activities to resume. Knock on wood.

Here is just a portion of our "fun" this week:

"You think you can boss ME around? Right"

An extremely overpriced reindeer in a dress at build a bear

But the bitty was happy

We cleaned Dorothy's tank twice in one day...

This game bought me at least 10 minutes

The dollar movies

The Zoo... I am as big as the gorillas. Just sayin'

Our photographer of the day

"Dad let's go! We are just getting started"

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  1. so sorry you are sick but you and the bitty are so cute these days! hoping you find comfort and sleep!