Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas is Upon Us

This Christmas season has already been so much fun with Charlotte. She is totally getting into everything Christmas expect for Santa. She wants to hear about him but will only look at him from a distance. I am so excited for Christmas morning.

Totally captivated by her Christmas train 

Loving the snow

Her very own Christmas tree 

Off to see Santa

Well kinda... Off to see Santa from a distance

Nothing says Christmas like Bass Pro

Her first gingerbread house

Henry's Room

Henry's room is complete for the most part. I will be adding to of course as time goes on but the main ingredients are there. It was my life long dream to have a kids room with an animal theme but I was super scared it would turn out cheesy. Henry's room is an animal theme but I did my best not to get too carried away. I don't think it is overboard but then again Jack Hannah is my idol.